Dec 7th – Support the arts, today.

In our education system, it tends to be the first thing cut from kid’s programs, but  the arts – performance, musical and visual/studio arts – provide incredible enrichment and therapy to peoples lives regardless of your culture, socio-economic status, beliefs, or your mental, emotional or physical state.

Show support today by attending a show, taking in some fine art, or going to a concert… or do an art related project at home.  During the holiday season, there is plenty of creativity to experience.  Enjoy and value it!

Dec 2nd – When putting your holiday list together this year, sit down with yourself and your family and put together a giving list.

It’s always fun to write out your Santa list of things you want and share with any family and friends who may request it, but along with your letter to Santa, write out a list of all the people and places to which you would like to give.  A tradition I plan to start with my kids, before we even get to Santa’s letter. 🙂

Oct 18th – Wash your take-out packaging that can be reused and save for future use, today.

Inspired by my wonderful mommy friend, Linda :)… If you happen to get take out that comes in a plastic container that can be reused, wash and save it for future use.  For example, when you are sending home goodie bags of leftovers for family and friends.  I use some plastic containers for craft and art supplies as well.