Oct 1st – Boycott styrofoam, today.

While some styrofoam can now be recycled, why not just avoid the problem all together.  If it’s in a landfill, it never breaks down, burning it creates a toxic ash, and if it is recycled, it still takes resources and energy to do… though reusing it is of course a great solution if you already have it.

Our city does happen to accept styrofoam to be recycled (though I am not sure if it is only #6 or others), however no matter where you live, put your styrofoam trash in your Recycle Bin and let them decide what to do with it.  If it is not currently being recycled, a large influx of it may add pressure to deal with it.

If you want added info on the eco-issue of styrofoam, read a great blog spot on it at:  http://www.opb.org/news/blog/ecotrope/recycling-101-styrofoam/


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