Sept 30th – Nice work on another month of changes!

Great job on making any new changes this month!  Below is the recap:

  • 1st – Be thankful for your work and having been compensated, and proud of what you have done
  • 3rd – Use plastic shower cap for covering bowls that do not have lids
  • 4th – Skip the trash bag, use actual containers/cans and clean as necessary
  • 5th – Be kind
  • 6th – Eat whole foods for your snacks, not processed
  • 8th – Share your special talent in a charitable way
  • 9th – Dispose of old drugs properly
  • 10th – Practice calmness
  • 11th – Don’t give up
  • 12th – Skip heat drying in your dishwasher
  • 13th – Close your window blinds to save on heating/cooling energy
  • 14th – Optimize your efficiency with technology
  • 15th – Take a nature walk
  • 17th – Share a kind word
  • 18th – Be brave
  • 19th – Gain wisdom from someone older than yourself
  • 20th – If you eat meat, eat only the recommended amount (3-6 oz)
  • 21st – Spend 15 minutes drawing or painting (re-run)
  • 24th – Reduce your added sugar intake (36 g for men, 24 g for women)
  • 25th – Tip generously or give a good review for someone who give good service
  • 26th – Think twice before you buy something
  • 28th – Buy eco-friendly bake or serving ware

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