Sept 28th – Buy eco-friendly/non-toxic baking and/or serving ware, today.

So, my daughter is now in kindergarden, which means I have 12 years of wonderful fundraising products from which to subscribe for her school (if that didn’t sound a bit sarcastic, then it came out wrong 😉 ).  I was pleasantly surprised to find two great items, a silicone splatter/steamer cover/drain cover and a silcone baking sheet, which I have been meaning to buy.  I admit, glassware and cast iron is a more favored option as silicone still has a few drawbacks including the added unknown chemicals needed to make it into products with the silica, as well as the “end-of-life solutions”, meaning it is not commonly recycled and it does not bio-degrade… but silica itself is non-toxic, is oven and freezer safe with decent heat resistance (428 degrees F), and the products are super easy to clean, are non-stick (and better than PFOA  which you may know it as Teflon).

As mention, glass and cast iron are even better solutions, but silicone it is an additional option.


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