Aug 31st/Sept 1st – Recap for August, nice work, congrats on all of your changes!

Hard to believe we are 2/3 of the way through the year, I feel like I just started this blog.  Pat yourselves on the back for your 210+ changes.

  • 4th – Lower your sodium intake
  • 5th – Eat a rainbow
  • 6th – Support a restaurant that encourages sustainability
  • 7th – When writing commentary in social media be respectful and worthy of value
  • 8th – Start saving for a hybrid
  • 9th – Be green with your back-to-school shopping
  • 10th – Camping trip
  • 11th – Choose a naturally flavored drink
  • 12th – Eat pasta al dente
  • 13th – Pay if forward
  • 14th – Get rid of ants the non-toxic way
  • 15th – Use only 3 panels of toilet paper
  • 16th – Water plants in early morn or late eve
  • 18th – Attend a community event
  • 19th – Fill up your freezer
  • 20th – Be the person you want to be around
  • 21st – Set dishwasher on “light” wash
  • 22nd – Honor your body, be thankful for all it does
  • 23rd – Positive song
  • 24th – Organize a closet
  • 25th – Share your food
  • 26th – Plant an herb
  • 27th – Hold someone’s hand
  • 28th – Use reusable containers rather than disposable
  • 29th – Use convection oven rather than conventional oven
  • 31st – “Follow and have the courage to show others how to follow”

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