Sept 30th – Nice work on another month of changes!

Great job on making any new changes this month!  Below is the recap:

  • 1st – Be thankful for your work and having been compensated, and proud of what you have done
  • 3rd – Use plastic shower cap for covering bowls that do not have lids
  • 4th – Skip the trash bag, use actual containers/cans and clean as necessary
  • 5th – Be kind
  • 6th – Eat whole foods for your snacks, not processed
  • 8th – Share your special talent in a charitable way
  • 9th – Dispose of old drugs properly
  • 10th – Practice calmness
  • 11th – Don’t give up
  • 12th – Skip heat drying in your dishwasher
  • 13th – Close your window blinds to save on heating/cooling energy
  • 14th – Optimize your efficiency with technology
  • 15th – Take a nature walk
  • 17th – Share a kind word
  • 18th – Be brave
  • 19th – Gain wisdom from someone older than yourself
  • 20th – If you eat meat, eat only the recommended amount (3-6 oz)
  • 21st – Spend 15 minutes drawing or painting (re-run)
  • 24th – Reduce your added sugar intake (36 g for men, 24 g for women)
  • 25th – Tip generously or give a good review for someone who give good service
  • 26th – Think twice before you buy something
  • 28th – Buy eco-friendly bake or serving ware

Sept 28th – Buy eco-friendly/non-toxic baking and/or serving ware, today.

So, my daughter is now in kindergarden, which means I have 12 years of wonderful fundraising products from which to subscribe for her school (if that didn’t sound a bit sarcastic, then it came out wrong 😉 ).  I was pleasantly surprised to find two great items, a silicone splatter/steamer cover/drain cover and a silcone baking sheet, which I have been meaning to buy.  I admit, glassware and cast iron is a more favored option as silicone still has a few drawbacks including the added unknown chemicals needed to make it into products with the silica, as well as the “end-of-life solutions”, meaning it is not commonly recycled and it does not bio-degrade… but silica itself is non-toxic, is oven and freezer safe with decent heat resistance (428 degrees F), and the products are super easy to clean, are non-stick (and better than PFOA  which you may know it as Teflon).

As mention, glass and cast iron are even better solutions, but silicone it is an additional option.

Sept 25th – If someone gives you exceptional service today, tip them generously or be sure to let their supervisor know.

Great service is something that should be supported and appreciated, not simply expected.  It’s a gesture to let someone know they have done a job well and it can be a motivation for that person to be even better.  Not to mention, I love seeing good people succeed.

Sept 24th – Reduce your added sugar intake today to the suggested amounts… 36g for men, 24g for women.

Sugar is not a required nutrient so quite frankly, if you can go without any added sugar, that’s your best bet.  However, I am not looking to be cruel with the Daily Changes, so if you can, keep it down to the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 9 teaspoons or 36 grams for men and 6 teaspoons or 24 grams for women per day.  Note, this again is added sugar, not sugars that occur naturally in some foods such as fruit.

The average American consumes 21 teaspoons or 84 g sugar daily, far above this recommended amount.

So less sugar in our bodies, better health for you and less stress on the health care system from chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


Sept 19th – Gain some wisdom from someone older and wiser than yourself, today.

It may be someone living that you can enjoy an engaging conversation, a friend, a parent or family member, a neighbor, a co-worker… or take some knowledge from an iconic person alive or deceased that you would like to learn more about.  There is something to be said for the knowledge, experience and wisdom gained from simply living life.  Today, treat yourself to taking a moment to hear what time has taught someone else in the lessons on life.

Sept 18th – Be brave, today.

One of my favorite thoughts is to do something that scares you every day.  In order to do this, you need to be brave, rather than live in fear.  Whatever it is today that you might cripple and shy away from, stand tall and proceed forward and if you have something to say or do that you know is right, say or do it. 🙂