Aug 23rd – Find a song that motivates you in a positive way and listen to it today.

While I am no psychologist, I can speak for myself in how much music influences me mentally, emotionally and even physically. The influence may be negative or positive and music taste is quite personal, but we are looking for the good.  So today, find or remember a song that simply makes you feel motivated for the good, and listen to it – over and over if you like and preferably at full volume ;).

Please share your choice!


Aug 22nd – Honor your body, be thankful for all the things it does and gives you, head to toe.

I hope to be getting back to yoga tonight, where honoring your body is paramount.   Regardless of yoga, it is easy to forget what an amazing gift we have been given with a body that is quite frankly, a miraculous vehicle to be given in which to fulfill our life.

Honor it today and be grateful for all that is does for you.

Aug 21st – Set your dishwasher to “light” wash (rather than “normal”), today.

From a collection of articles I read, the normal setting is really for heavily soiled dishes, light wash should cover you for most washes.  The difference is in the length of the cycle and number of tub fills/drains (a typical light wash may be about 80 mins, 3 tub fills, Normal being 1 1/2-2 hrs, 4-5 tub fills).  In most cases you should be good with the light wash, so give it a try today and save on water, energy and money!

Aug 18th – Attend a community event today.

With it still being summer, there are a lot of great community events for people to get out of the house and attend.

There are many great benefits to becoming involved in your local community.  Much like getting to know your neighbors, it builds better, more positive and safer communities; provides the opportunity to learn about other cultures, as well as your own; and can create new relationships, networks and friends.