Aug 31st – “Follow and have the courage to show others how to follow”, today. Someone I want to follow? Ron Finely, Guerilla Gardener in South Central, LA.

The follow statement is from Derek Sivers in his awesome 3 minute TED talk on “How to Start A Movement” that I just caught (you can view at  Not everyone has to, or needs to be a leader.  Finding a cause or action to follow and/or believe in is important, it helps to define our own lives and give it more meaning.  Building the momentum for a message or movement by bringing others along for the journey is powerful.

About Ron Finley, I love following super cool people who have a positive, no nonsense, worthy message.  If you are interested, you can check him out at and be sure to watch his TED talk.

I have been a long time follower of Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters as well, among others including a number of artists.  Would love to hear who you choose to follow.

Aug 28th – When packing lunch, use reusable containers rather than disposable items such as Ziploc bags, today.

Whether you are packing a lunch for your kids as they go back to school, or just packing your lunch to go to work, it is easy to grab the Ziploc bag rather than finding a reusable container.  However, today, go with the reusable.  Imagine if every household opted for this.

This is a little bit of a re-run, as we’ve already had a change of buy reusable snack bags, and pack your lunch, but it is always a good reminder.

If you do end up using a ziploc, consider reusing it again, and be sure to recycle it when it needs to be disposed.

Aug 27th – Hold someone’s hand today.

Personal touch is a wonderful thing.  Holding a hand is an intimate gesture that connects two people by more than just words.  While holding a hand could take on many meanings, today, I am writing about it more for support and care.

If you cannot physically hold someone’s hand, send your support in another way, to someone who could use a little extra love today.  Or if your the one who needs the hand-holding, don’t go it alone, be courageous enough to seek someone’s hand to hold.

Aug 26th – Plant an herb to grow at home, today.

The great thing about herbs is that you do not necessarily need much room, and you can grow many indoors or out.  They add great flavor to your dishes and provide a number of health benefits.

Add a little spice in your life and grow some herbs.  It’s cheap, easy and you can’t get any more “locally grown” than your own abode.

Many farmer’s markets sell starter herbs or visit your local nursery where can buy seeds or already growing herbs.  Be sure to ask what type of sunlight the herb prefers (I have lost several attempts of cilantro to bright sun, something they do not love!).

Aug 25th – Share your food with someone else today.

Food is essential to our lives, and has great value.  When shared, it takes on a wonderful meaning.

Whether it is handing a healthy bar or apple to a homeless person, sharing some cookies with a neighbor, enjoying a picnic with friends or family, inviting someone new over for dinner, or donating food to a food bank.  Sharing food is such a positive feel-good exchange for both the giver and receiver.

By the way, furry friends count too!!

Aug 24th – Organize a closet that has been bugging you, today.

Your home is in many ways a reflection of yourself.  De-cluttering anything is your space can be a stress reliever.  So today, get that nuisance off your back, clear out that closet that has been bothering you and improve the Feng Shui in your home so there is room for more good things will be able to flow into your life.