July 21st – Connect with a neighbor today.

Building a community among your neighbors is good for everyone.  It promotes a positive environment, enhances safety and security, opens lines of communication and can build uncommon friendships.

I read a great book some time ago, The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner,  and remember his discussion on how people who generally live in communal situations are happier and healthier/live longer than those that chose to live more isolated lives.   …A note to the wise :).

July 20th – Take a trip to a farm and pick some fruits and veggies right from the source.

There is something amazing in picking your own food right from the source.  You can’t beat the freshness and the incredible taste.  Not to mention, it’s always great to support your local farmers :).

July 19th – Treat yourself to a cultural event that you would not normally attend (i.e. musical concert, theatrical performance, exhibition, screening, etc.).

If today/tonight doesn’t work, plan something for your weekend.  We often get caught up in our regular routines and places to visit, but this weekend, branch out to an event that you would not normally find yourself enjoying and open your mind to something new.  We live in an amazing country where there is so much to experience, particularly with a wide variety of cultures, embrace this opportunity.

July 18th – Go green when shaving your legs, extend the life of your razor by drying the blade, or splurge and buy a solar powered shaver.

I have read statistics that Americans buy over 2 billion disposable razors in a year, most of which end up in landfills.  Not to mention the gallons of water used while shaving our silky smooth legs.

First, when buying your razors, consider buying ones made from recycled plastic.  You could go for an electric razor, but it still uses electricity so if you can find a solar powered one, that is more optimal.

SheKnowsLiving.com discussed this topic and shared some great ideas on ways to extend the life of your razor blade….

“How can you extend the life of the blade without awful, stinging nicks and cuts? There is some evidence that drying the blade can extend the life of the razor. Radio host and consumer advocate Clark Howard put the theory to the test by using a disposable razor and towel-blotting it dry after each use. He successfully used a single 17-cent razor for one year. Further, Brian Cohn, who invented a razor-storage device with a small drying fan, funded research from an independent laboratory–which found that his fan invention extended the razor blade life 122 percent on average.”

Suggested ideas of how to extend the life of your razor blade:

  • Vigorously shake razor to remove water drops.
  • Blot the blade on a towel. Alternatively, blast with a blow dryer for a few seconds.
  • Find a dry place to store your razor, away from steamy showers.

July 14th – Treat yourself to a seafood dinner and stay safe by checking MontereyBayAquarium.org seafood watch list.

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s team of Seafood Watch scientists have been assessing wild-caught and farmed seafood since 1999 to find the most ocean-friendly seafood options available in the U.S. market.  Check out their website to see their top picks.