July 31st – Recap for July, congrats and know you have done good, today

Almost 200 posts, so that’s a lot of changes… pat yourself on the back for another great month of helping to improve our world.  I apologize for some days missing a change, this is no excuse, but summer has thrown me off!

  • 1st – Eco-friendly vacation
  • 2nd – Safe and natural bug repellant
  • 3rd – Choose matches over lighters for the BBQ
  • 4th – Be grateful for freedom
  • 5th – Turn computer off rather than sleep mode
  • 6th – Wash dishes in bin or plug sink when handwashing
  • 7th – Listen to body and eat properly (re-run)
  • 8th – Keep cell phone off your body (re-run)
  • 9th – Smile (re-run)
  • 11th – Turn AC off
  • 13th – MontereyBayAquarium.org seafood watch list
  • 17th – Provide water in your backyard for the critters
  • 18th – Extend the life of your disposable razor
  • 19th – Attend a cultural event
  • 20th – Visit a farm
  • 21st – Connect with a neighbor
  • 22nd – Embrace diversity
  • 23rd – Use vinegar on weeds rather than commercial weed killer
  • 25th – Use reclaimed water for plants and flowers
  • 26th – Be a kid
  • 28th – Carpool
  • 29th – Be on time

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