July 6th – Green your dishwashing, today. For handwashing your dishes, wash in bin/plugged sink rather than letting water run.

While a previous post suggested opting a full dishwasher over hand washing, there are usually some items that cannot go in your dishwasher and you have to still get your hands wet.

For today, rather than wash your dishes while letting the water run (if you do this, which, sadly, I have been know to do). Make sure you plug your sink to hold the water or use a bin or large pot in which to wash your items.  Have a second bin to dunk and rinse them off or simply save them all at the end and rinse them all at one time.

It may not seem like much, but letting the water run leaves a few seconds between each dish item to waste water.  If you are using hot water, it means the water is being wasted, as well as the energy it takes to heat it.  Multiplying that over the number of dishes you may do in a day can add up…. and then add that up day after day.


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