July 31st – Recap for July, congrats and know you have done good, today

Almost 200 posts, so that’s a lot of changes… pat yourself on the back for another great month of helping to improve our world.  I apologize for some days missing a change, this is no excuse, but summer has thrown me off!

  • 1st – Eco-friendly vacation
  • 2nd – Safe and natural bug repellant
  • 3rd – Choose matches over lighters for the BBQ
  • 4th – Be grateful for freedom
  • 5th – Turn computer off rather than sleep mode
  • 6th – Wash dishes in bin or plug sink when handwashing
  • 7th – Listen to body and eat properly (re-run)
  • 8th – Keep cell phone off your body (re-run)
  • 9th – Smile (re-run)
  • 11th – Turn AC off
  • 13th – MontereyBayAquarium.org seafood watch list
  • 17th – Provide water in your backyard for the critters
  • 18th – Extend the life of your disposable razor
  • 19th – Attend a cultural event
  • 20th – Visit a farm
  • 21st – Connect with a neighbor
  • 22nd – Embrace diversity
  • 23rd – Use vinegar on weeds rather than commercial weed killer
  • 25th – Use reclaimed water for plants and flowers
  • 26th – Be a kid
  • 28th – Carpool
  • 29th – Be on time

July 29th – Be on time, today.

My husband would be thrilled to see this one… that I am writing about the topic, and that it is my goal to actually accomplish :).   Being late really does add so much unnecessary stress and risk (i.e. driving skills, need I say more?…).  If you are meeting a person, it shows mutual respect for each other’s time, and in many cases, simply being early has it’s benefits such as getting the best pick, or seat, or whatever it is… not to mention, you will have beat the crowds because so many others are late!

The early bird catches the worm….

July 26th – Be a kid again, today. Do something simple, silly and fun.

Adults are way too serious, never hurts to revisit your younger years.  Let yourself be a kid today… pick up a coloring book, splash in some water, dress up like it doesn’t matter what others will think, sing a song, dance around, run around in the grass or climb something just for the fun of it.

Imagine our world if everyone took 5 minutes a day to be a kid again.

July 25th – Use reclaimed water to water your plants, today (i.e. from a dehumidifier, rain barrel, pitcher in your shower).

Reclaimed water is perfect for watering your flowers.  You don’t necessarily need a rain barrel, though they are great as well.  We have put a pitcher/basin in our shower for all of the overflow water that you do not use cleaning your body.  As well, during this humid summer time, any water collected in your dehumidifier is a great solution.  My mom even puts a watering can below the air condition (on the outside part), for the dripping water and her flowers are gorgeous… love it!