June 5th – Today, ignore cleaning up your home or office and spend that time on something meaningful.

You may not do this everyday, but today, give yourself permission to do so.

Countless are the hours and days I spend cleaning up our house, getting things in order, doing daily tasks or menial work items (though you would barely know it, and I then repeat them all over again the next day), often without taking extra time out of my day to do something truly meaningful such as focusing 100% on my kids, spouse, friend, etc. or some other life impacting moment.

While neatness and organization or other daily tasks are good, don’t let it take over your life to the point that you miss out on years of irreplaceable time and memories.  You can’t take a clean room or desk with you when your dead, nor can you take the washed dishes… think of the memories on which you will want to reflect 20+ years from now.

Live your life and start your legacy, now.


June 4th – Buy a safe toothpaste for you and your family.

As you may have guessed, go to EWG.org and check yours out… if it’s high on the hazard scale, look for a new one.  Specifically, here is the link:  http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?query=toothpaste&h=Search

Most of the Tom’s of Maine are good, but check the EWG Skin Deep database for each one as some rate better than others.

June 3rd – Consider glass storage for food rather than plastic.

One more area in your life where you can rid yourself of plastic… food storage.  As previously discussed with plastics leaching into your foods/liquids, using glass is your safest bet.  Not to mention, you can store the food, refrigerate and/or freeze and heat it up in the same container without worry of toxins getting into your food.  While it may be a little more expensive, the lifetime of the glassware will make up for the difference and fewer plastic containers will end up in landfills/recycling.

June 2nd – Learn something about another religion to which you do not currently subscribe, practice respect and tolerance for the beliefs of others.

Imagine if the entire world practiced this change?

Religion is fascinating.  No matter your religion (if any), it does not hurt to learn about the beliefs and traditions of others in the world around you… you may not know as much as you think.

Speaking to someone directly about their religion has more impact than simply reading about it, but use whatever resources that are available to you.