May 24th – Buy environmentally friendly toilet paper that includes recycled material and no fragrance.

I was going to suggest buying the TP with no roll, but that must not be going so well since it seems it is rather hard to find.  For now, at least purchase toilet paper which includes recycled tissue.  Scott Tissue offers one called “Naturals” that I read fairly good reviews. You can find at,, and I will be checking Whole Foods as well.

May 23rd – If you need a new shower liner, go with a fabric washable one rather than the plastic/vinyl liners.

Rather than continually replacing the plastic ones which result in another waste that needs to go into recycling, buy a longer lasting fabric one, usually made of nylon.   They are a lot more mildew resistant, super easy to keep clean, AND you will not find the horrible offgassing of the plastic ones.

The fabric ones may be a little more expensive, but you should save a lot more money in the long run due to the longevity of the fabric ones.

May 22nd – Be a good receiver, today.

You have been making changes every day in an effort to better our surroundings, but we all need to remember to be kind to ourselves as well.  Sometimes it is easier to give than to receive, but when you do not accept something that is being given to you (possibly a compliment, a gift, a kind gesture, a favor), you are robbing the other person of a chance to also send good out in the world.   So smile, accept and be thankful for that nice little something you have been given.

Happy day! 🙂

May 21st – Spend a moment to thank the most important people in your life for being a part of it.

Time passes, we forget to stop and take a moment to remind people how important they may be to us.  Take a minute to thank those closest to you that you are grateful to have them in your life, and spend a few minutes thinking of the meaning they give to you.

People cannot read your mind, they may have no idea just how much you mean.

May 20th – Reuse old paint can as plant holders… prime and paint for an adorable rainbow collection of colors.

I just saw the CUTEST idea today at the super cool Long Beach Flea Market… several rows of repainted paint cans in a variety of bright colors.  Quart size is really nice, you then prime them and paint.  You can use food cans as well, just watch for the sharp edges.