May 21st – Spend a moment to thank the most important people in your life for being a part of it.

Time passes, we forget to stop and take a moment to remind people how important they may be to us.  Take a minute to thank those closest to you that you are grateful to have them in your life, and spend a few minutes thinking of the meaning they give to you.

People cannot read your mind, they may have no idea just how much you mean.

May 20th – Reuse old paint can as plant holders… prime and paint for an adorable rainbow collection of colors.

I just saw the CUTEST idea today at the super cool Long Beach Flea Market… several rows of repainted paint cans in a variety of bright colors.  Quart size is really nice, you then prime them and paint.  You can use food cans as well, just watch for the sharp edges.

May 17th – Don’t forget to cut apart the plastic six pack rings used for holding cans, today. Or reuse them to help organize your closet.

If you have one to throw away, make sure you cut it apart so it does not end up around an animal (birds, young mammals, etc.) as so much of our trash ends up in the ocean.  As well, be sure to recycle rather than put in the landfill trash.

Better than recycling is reusing.  Take the plastic holder, put a hanger threw one of the holes, hang scarves, ties, belts, etc. thru the holes.

Better than reusing is reducing.  Try drinking fewer products out of aluminum cans… consider cutting down on buying six packs of soda and save your body from the extra sugar, chemicals, and resources required for the packaging.

So much for my one sentence change ideas… ;)!

May 16th – Try produce bags to extend the life of your fruits, vegetables and herbs.

I recently purchased a few of these bags and really love them.  It helps to extend the life of the wonderful produce you bought at the Farmer’s Market and keep them fresh and crispy.  You can find them at … I bought Chico Produce bags (and don’t forget, the paint strainer bags are still good options as well!).

May 15th – Make sure you are caught up on your yearly check-ups, today (dentist, doctors, any lingering ailments you need to address).

Sometimes we put ourselves and our health last on the list of “to do’s”.  Today, make your body a priority and schedule any annual medical appointments and make sure your body is in check, including any ailments you have been putting off.

  • Annual doctor exam
  • Annual/semi-annual dentist checks
  • Eye exams, skin exams, etc.

May 14th – Have the courage to admit when you are wrong, today.

I know what you are all thinking, how will we accomplish today’s change?… I, for one, am RARELY ever wrong, as I imagine you are as well. (BTW, in my case, this is true only until my husband reads today’s post and blows my cover.)

Admitting that you are wrong and apologizing is often no easy task.  You my feel it will hurt your credibility, that you have let someone down, or that it is simply a sign of weakness… amazingly enough, it is quite the opposite.  Two articles I recently read in Forbes, one titled “Creative Leadership:  Humility and Being Wrong” by Doug Guthrie, and another “Courageous Leaders Don’t Make Excuses… They Apologize” by Erika Andersen both discuss how admitting when you are wrong can be a powerful tool as a leader.  Erica Andersen put it well in her article “…when someone truly apologizes, we know he or she is putting honesty and honor above personal comfort or self-protection.  It’s inspiring, and it feels brave.”

What an excellent statement of truth.  I find more credibility, respect and humanity in someone who can rise above their wrong and take ownership and responsibility for their mistake, and quite frankly, I feel that way about myself when I admit my own failures and mistakes.

Many of us were taught the importance of apologizing at age 2 on the playground… nothing has change, we are just older.  Mistakes are what make us human. In fact, if you are not making mistakes, you’re probably not doing much to grow, so make your mistakes and know that owning up to it will only make you stronger inside and out.