May 31st – Recap month… 130 changes and counting! Pat yourself on the back.

Another month of changes, hope you enjoyed making the world a better place!

  • 1st – Research your water
  • 2nd – Purchase the best water filter for your needs
  • 3rd – Have a convo with a young person
  • 4th – Get the safest sunscreen
  • 5th – Plant a native plant
  • 6th – Use a broom instead of water/blower/vacuum
  • 7th – Eat properly by listening to your body
  • 9th – Appreciate a teacher
  • 10th – Plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day
  • 12th – Give a mom some love
  • 13th – Put a lid on pots when boiling
  • 14th – Read labels on your food
  • 14th – (sorry for the double post!) Have the courage to admit when you are wrong
  • 15th – Make sure you are caught up on all check-ups
  • 16th – Use produce bags
  • 17th – Cut 6-pack rings
  • 18th – Go to a yard sale
  • 19th – Think about where your food came from
  • 20th – Use old paint cans as planter
  • 21st – Thank the most important people in your life for being a part of you
  • 22nd – Be a good receiver
  • 23rd – Chose fabric shower liner over plastic/vinyl
  • 24th – Toilet paper with recycled material/no fragrance
  • 25th – Chose gas over charcoal for BBQ
  • 26th – Make is a “Slow Food” Day
  • 27th – Remember meaning for Memorial Day, write letter to military
  • 28th – No TV
  • 29th – Wash only clothes that really are dirty
  • 30th – Chuck the answering machine, use voice mail instead

For all of you that made a change, nice work 🙂


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