May 26th – Consider making today a “slow food” day… grow/buy, prepare, eat and share good, clean, fair food.

There is a growing “Slow Food” movement which goes beyond the food, it is more about a way of living and the pleasure of food with commitment to community and the environment.   It supports good, clean and fair food.

Some of the things to consider:

  • Learn what slow food is about.
  • Cook the food yourself with fresh foods from resources you know, namely your Farmer’s Market or grown out of your own or a neighbor’s garden (nothing pre-made)
  • Shop locally (see above)
  • Avoid GMO’s (genetically modified food)
  • Buy organic or no pesticide verses conventionally grown food
  • Share your home-cooked meals

You can find more about it at, as well as a number of other resources, simply Google ‘Slow Food Movement’.


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