May 17th – Don’t forget to cut apart the plastic six pack rings used for holding cans, today. Or reuse them to help organize your closet.

If you have one to throw away, make sure you cut it apart so it does not end up around an animal (birds, young mammals, etc.) as so much of our trash ends up in the ocean.  As well, be sure to recycle rather than put in the landfill trash.

Better than recycling is reusing.  Take the plastic holder, put a hanger threw one of the holes, hang scarves, ties, belts, etc. thru the holes.

Better than reusing is reducing.  Try drinking fewer products out of aluminum cans… consider cutting down on buying six packs of soda and save your body from the extra sugar, chemicals, and resources required for the packaging.

So much for my one sentence change ideas… ;)!


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