May 9th – Appreciate a teacher, today.

It happens to be teach appreciation week (National Teacher Appreciation day was actually Tuesday, but we can still do it today!), so consider giving yours, your child’s, or any teacher you know a little extra love this week.  Teachers are special people who probably give much more than they receive back… mentally, physically and emotionally… not to mention, they are helping to build our future.  Teachers can change our lives.  I imagine we can all recall at least one that helped to shape your own life.

The National Education Association lists a few great suggestions on how to spread some appreciation…

  • Update your Facebook status to thank a teacher who made a difference in your life. You can use “Happy Teacher Appreciation day!” with a personal message for the teacher in your life.
  • Sign the NEA “Thank an Educator” pledge at to show your support and appreciation.
  • Share the NEA teacher appreciation videos with your favorite educator to say “Thanks” and post them to your social networks to encourage others to Thank a Teacher.
  • Check out our pins and repins.
  • Show what great teaching looks like by uploading your photos of inspiring  teaching at
  • Support your teaches politically for what you believe.
  • Nominate an amazing teacher for People Magazine’s 2013 Teacher of the Year Award
  • Visit your local school to find out what you can do to show your appreciation.

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