May 7th – Listen to your body today, and eat properly.

The quality of the food you eat is of the upmost importance, but eating the proper amount with healthy eating patterns should receive equal attention.  As mentioned previously in this blog regarding sleep, your body knows how much it needs and will tell you.

US News outlined 5 tips on how to migrate toward normal eating patterns (article by Rebecca Scrtichfield, July 9, 2012):

1. Eat within two hours of waking up, even if you don’t feel hungry in the morning. Eating breakfast gives you energy, helps you focus on the day’s tasks, and can set you up for healthy eating the rest of the day.

2. Wait until you feel hungry to eat. If you don’t get hungry at least three times a day, you may need to eat every three to four hours in order to find your hunger cycle. Instead of resisting hunger, welcome it with open arms.

3. Practice eating slowly and without distractions. Most people can finish a meal in five minutes. You need to slow down so you can feel the hunger go away and a comfortable, full feeling set in.

4. Put together a balanced plate of nutritious food. Half of your plate should consist of vegetables and fruit, with one quarter devoted to whole grain or complex carbohydrates like sweet potato or brown rice. Lean protein should make up the remaining quarter of your plate. Make sure you are eating food that you like and tastes good.

5. Put together an unbalanced plate. I’m serious. Anything you like. Just make sure you are hungry and repeat tip No. 3 above. Enjoy each bite. Notice how great it feels to eat normally again.


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