May 5th – Plant a native plant today.

Todays change come from a good friend who practices lots of great green ideas… this is a good one to share…

Native plants are of great benefit in helping to preserve wildlife habitats, provide seeds, nuts and fruits for squirrels, birds, insects and other mammals, as well as nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies.  They generally grow well and require little care under the right environmental conditions.  Other benefits include saving water as many native plants need minimal irrigations beyond normal rainfall and because they develop their own defenses against many pest and disease, you will not need to use pesticides.

Going ‘native’ contributes to saving our heritage for future generations.

You may want to Google native plants to your region or go to a local specialized nursery who can help you.

If you live near the South Bay in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden has a fantastic list of CA Native Plants and places you can purchase them in the LA area.  See attached links:

Click to access MBBGWHERETOPURCHASECAfriendlyplants.pdf

Click to access MBBGPlantListSept2010.pdf


2 thoughts on “May 5th – Plant a native plant today.

    • Thanks, Ken! Great suggestion! Love the native garden you are working on, I am now hooked… thanks to your wife for a fantastic suggestion to share this idea :).

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