May 3rd – Have a verbal (or signed) conversation with a young person, today.

I will let you define “young”, but most likely someone under the age of about 20.

There seems to be a theme about my week, where I have had several discussions about technology and some of it’s affects on the younger generation.  More importantly, how technology is affecting crucial social skills including the art of conversation, eye contact, attention span, phone skills and physical awareness  (as you are absorbed into your electronics instead of being aware of what is going on around you).

So for today, take a few minutes to engage in a conversation with someone of a younger generation to simply talk back and forth about something of interest.  You can have it in person or on the phone, but texting and email do not count on this one… use your verbal skills (or signing skills)  and remember what it was like before we had a screen to hide behind.


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