May 2nd – Choose the best water filtration system for you.

There is no single best water filtration system for everyone.  Environmental Working Group supplies an annual Water Filtration Buying Guide that gives excellent options that can best fit your needs.

Several factors contribute to the conclusion of which one is best for you, including the contaminants that you may want to filter (based on your local water quality report), your budget/costs, and maintenance preferences.  EWG sums up some of the major differences…

Q: What’s the best water filter?

Answer: There isn’t any single best answer to this question. Carbon filters remove fewer contaminants than reverse osmosis filters, but are cheaper and use less energy and water. Reverse osmosis filters are more effective at removing many kinds of contaminants, but are more expensive, require more maintenance, and require much more energy and water to function. Water softeners are great for dealing with hard water problems, but won’t remove most contaminants. It’s really a personal decision as to what water filter is best for you and your family.

Below is the link which can help you easily decide which filter is the best for you, as well as link you to to purchase your choice, should you like to buy:

If you would like to see the consumer opinion comparison about water filtration systems, you can reference Consumer Reports 2013 Best Water Filters Report (Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide Special Issue, July 2013).  There is interesting commentary you can also find at The Water Filter Lady’s Blog discussing this report:


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