May 31st – Recap month… 130 changes and counting! Pat yourself on the back.

Another month of changes, hope you enjoyed making the world a better place!

  • 1st – Research your water
  • 2nd – Purchase the best water filter for your needs
  • 3rd – Have a convo with a young person
  • 4th – Get the safest sunscreen
  • 5th – Plant a native plant
  • 6th – Use a broom instead of water/blower/vacuum
  • 7th – Eat properly by listening to your body
  • 9th – Appreciate a teacher
  • 10th – Plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day
  • 12th – Give a mom some love
  • 13th – Put a lid on pots when boiling
  • 14th – Read labels on your food
  • 14th – (sorry for the double post!) Have the courage to admit when you are wrong
  • 15th – Make sure you are caught up on all check-ups
  • 16th – Use produce bags
  • 17th – Cut 6-pack rings
  • 18th – Go to a yard sale
  • 19th – Think about where your food came from
  • 20th – Use old paint cans as planter
  • 21st – Thank the most important people in your life for being a part of you
  • 22nd – Be a good receiver
  • 23rd – Chose fabric shower liner over plastic/vinyl
  • 24th – Toilet paper with recycled material/no fragrance
  • 25th – Chose gas over charcoal for BBQ
  • 26th – Make is a “Slow Food” Day
  • 27th – Remember meaning for Memorial Day, write letter to military
  • 28th – No TV
  • 29th – Wash only clothes that really are dirty
  • 30th – Chuck the answering machine, use voice mail instead

For all of you that made a change, nice work ūüôā

May 30th – If you still use an answering machine, consider replacing with a voice mail service.

Answering machines require energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  According to, the annual energy savings if all answering machines in US homes were replaced by voice mail services would total nearly two billion kilowatt hours.

Not to mention, it is one more plastic, electronic device that will likely end up in a landfill.  If you do rid of it, please take to an e-waste collection center.

May 29th – Wash only clothes that really are dirty, today.

This is a bad habit I have to break, wearing something for even an hour or two and throwing it in the wash. ¬†Today, try to avoid putting every last item in the laundry, and rather, go by how dirty it may be. ¬†It will save on energy, water, laundry detergent, time spent washing, sorting and folding items, as well as extend the longevity of your clothes… all of which, equates to saving money!

May 27th – Remember what Memorial day is about, be grateful for our country and those who defend it. Write a letter to say thank you to a member of the military.

It is easy for us to sit back in our homes and think about how wonderful democracy is… it is another thing to sit in our battlegrounds and actually defend that freedom. ¬†Please take the time today to remember those who have sacrificed ¬†much for our country and what they have done for us. ¬†Today, write a letter to thank someone who is standing up for our country and write a note…. check out and support our military…. write that letter today :).

May 26th – Consider making today a “slow food” day… grow/buy, prepare, eat and share good, clean, fair food.

There is a growing “Slow Food” movement which goes beyond the food, it is more about a way of living and the pleasure of food with commitment to community and the environment. ¬† It supports good, clean and fair food.

Some of the things to consider:

  • Learn what slow food is about.
  • Cook the food yourself with fresh foods from resources you know, namely your Farmer’s Market or grown out of your own or a neighbor’s garden (nothing pre-made)
  • Shop locally (see above)
  • Avoid GMO’s (genetically modified food)
  • Buy organic or no pesticide verses conventionally grown food
  • Share your home-cooked meals

You can find more about it at, as well as a number of other resources, simply Google ‘Slow Food Movement’.

May 25th – If choosing between charcoal or gas to grill today (or this wknd) for your BBQ, choose gas.

Overall, it comes out the winner in being more environmentally friendly.

I have found this to be he case in number of articles I read while researching, and the Huffington Post does a good job of summing up the comparison, you can find it at: