April 30th – Recap of the month, chose one you might like to incorporate permanently.

Congratulations yet again on another month of changes… we are at over 100 changes!

Below is the month in review, consider one to adopt into your life permanently:

  • 2nd – Save seeds from fruits and veggies you eat to plant in your garden.
  • 3rd – Get a glass or stainless steel bottle if you do not have already.
  • 4th – Keep your cell phone off your body.
  • 5th – Remind yourself that you are beautiful and be happy about it.
  • 6th – Plant a veggie(s) in your garden.
  • 7th – Avoid food wrapped in plastic.
  • 8th – Opt for a full dishwasher over hand washing dishes.
  • 9th – Eco-friendly laundry detergent.
  • 10th – Use enviro-friendly cleaning products.
  • 11th – Give or receive something completely unrelated to money.
  • 12th – Save spaghetti sauce or other glass jars for drinking glasses.
  • 13th – Get a “To Do” off your list.
  • 14th – Test your home for radon.
  • 15th – Plan an “Earth Day” event.
  • 16th – Commit to being a helper.
  • 17th – Ditch the coffee stirrer.
  • 18th – Use both sides of a piece of paper.
  • 19th – Watch the documentary “A Place at the Table”.
  • 20th – Find a cause that inspires you and support it.
  • 22nd – (Re-run) Eat 7-9 fruits and veggies as recommended by the FDA.
  • 23rd – (Re-run) Meditate for at least 20 minutes.
  • 24th – (Re-run) Install low-flow aerators in your kitchen bath faucets.
  • 25th – (Re-run) Practice not judging others.
  • 26th – (Re-run) Choose non-chlorie bleached paper products.
  • 27th – (Re-run) Visit a local Farmer’s Market.
  • 28th – (Re-run) Go to be early and get proper night’s sleep (7-9 hrs).

Hope you had a wonderful month of positive change.  As for my changes, our garden is starting to grow!  It is fun to watch and we cannot wait to dive in to it to eat.  The first of our seeds that we saved from fruits and veggies we ate just sprouted.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my LifeFactory glass bottle bought at reuseit.com… never going back to stainless steel!  I also love some of my newly added glass jars to our drinking glass collection.  It is still hard to stay away from plastic food packaging, but the farmer’s market makes a big difference.  The radon testing in our home is not yet determined… stay tuned.  Every time I use my enviro friendly cleaning I feel good about what I am using (even if it takes a little extra elbow grease).  “A Place at the Table” is an incredible documentary to better understand hunger in our country, and what we need to do to make things change (no small feat, but it can start with one person).  Hope you enjoyed some of the re-runs!


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