Apr 24th – (Re-run) Install a low-flow aerator in your kitchen and bathroom faucet if you have not already done so.

This can add up to several gallons of water saved every day if you make this change just once, and it is SO much easier than you think…

At the tip of your facet, you have a piece that screws onto or into the end of it, this is the aerator.  Unscrew it and it should have it’s flow rate imprinted on the side.  A flow rate of 2.2 gpm (gallons per minute) is standard.  For low flow, go lower, such as 1.0 (or even 1.5) gpm or lower.  The below link can help you determine proper fitting (male or female and proper size): http://www.conservationwarehouse.com/faucet-aerator-faqs.html

You can find eco-friendly aerators at Home Depot, Lowes, most hardware stores, and on-line at Vine.com (my new favorite website!).

Screw your new eco-friendly aerator in, and you’re done!  Happy saving water, AND saving money.


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