Apr 20th – Find a cause that inspires you and start supporting it.

It could be a donation, a letter of support or petition, giving some of your time, supplies or expertise.  Keep it positive and get involved…. it is easy to think there is someone else out there taking care of the issue, but what it just may need is one more person thinking like yourself.

There is an endless number of things in our world, our country, our community, even our own families that could use some extra attention to help bring some change for the better.  Today, make a commitment to embrace that one issue and dive in.  You do not need to take on the world if you are not ready, just take a bite into something that is meaningful to you and know that every little bit helps.


On a side note to that, for the upcoming week following today, while I dive into my own cause of choice, I will be sending out a “Rerun” week of changes that have already been presented and could use a second time around :).


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