Apr 12th – Reusable idea for today, save your glass spaghetti sauce jars (or similar glass jars) and use for your drinking glasses.

Another wonderful suggestion from a dear friend, is to keep those glass jars as drinking glasses.  I love this idea especially as I adore eclectic mixed/matched collections of cool items such as this.

This is a great idea for a family with kids (or reckless roommates!) that have been know to be careless with your glassware (not that we want kids to be throwing glasses around, but at some point, they can probably learn to live with breakable items, and the glass of the spaghetti jars are a little thicker).

With plastics being so rampant in our daily life, we are making an effort to decrease the use of them in our household and replace them with non-toxic options as much as possible, especially in the kitchen where they can leach into our food/drinks.  This idea costs nothing (aside from buying the food), is free of toxins and keeps one more item from having to go in a landfill or require recycling.


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