Apr 11th – Give or receive something today that is not related in any way to money.

In our society, a great percentage of our time and efforts are related in some way to money – How much can we earn? How much does something cost? What will the return, benefit or consequence be to us in terms of our wallet?  It is easy to become engrossed simply by our monetary system, and in turn, is the basis of many, if not most, of our decisions daily.

While money is obviously key in our lives, it is helpful to be reminded sometimes in our busy lives that there truly is more to life than the dollar, including our happiness.  For today, make an effort to give or receive something just for the sake of exchanging good energy without money being the motivation or reward.  Note, this could be a material item, a verbal exchange or a compliment or positive suggestion, even a hug or positive physical exchange…. be creative.


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