Apr 6th – Plant some veggies in your home garden (or even in a hanging planter) today.

It’s springtime, which means time to get back to the garden.  I am still developing my green thumb, luckily I had another excellent find at a local farmer’s market and I am having someone come to advise how to properly set up my food garden for a very small fee (p.s. if you are in the LA area, I have the contact info for this person if interested).  Of course, you can keep it simple and start with a plant or too from your local garden store, who are usually very knowledgeable and helpful in getting you started.  You can do something as simple as place a bean in a damp paper towel inside a clear bag, tape it to your window and watch it sprout… plant it, and you are on your way.  You can use a lot or very little space, as small as a hanging plant,  it makes no difference, just a sprout, some dirt, water and sun.

Some of you out there are practically professionals on this topic.. and if you are, please feel free to share your tips!  I am still taking baby steps, but I was nearly beside myself last summer while I ate my very first home grown cucumber… it was a whole new world for me… a fresh-off-the-vine, crispy, FREE, no pesticide cucumber that my kids and I watched grown from just a sprout.  It really is incredible to know where your food is coming from, realizing it can cost pretty much nothing, taste fantastic… and you don’t need a college degree to do this.

Imagine if everyone had their own garden… you could swap different foods with your neighbors, save money, save energy in transportation costs, save on pollutants and pesticides that are used, eat healthier and feel better than ever…. hmmmm….

It can start with just one cucumber.


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