April 1st – Recap for March, applaud all your changes, and pick one to re-do or do one you missed, today.

Once again, you can applaud yourself for another month of changes.  One person does make a difference… especially if you are doing something every day, no matter how small or big.

  • Mar 1 – Watch the documentary “Bully”, and tell 5 more people to do the same.
  • Mar 2 – When eating take-out, take the time to wash the packaging and place in the recycle bin.
  • Mar 3 – Do what you know is the right thing to do.
  • Mar 5 – Take a 3 minute shower.
  • Mar 6 – Buy recycled paper for your printer and sketch paper
  • Mar 7 – Consider helping alleviate poverty by participating in Microfinance.
  • Mar 8 – Eat at a local independently owned restaurant.
  • Mar 9 – Avoid food/soda cans with BPA.
  • Mar 10 – Visit a park.
  • Mar 11 – Keep store receipts and a few other items out of the recycle bin.
  • Mar 12 – Use paint strainer bags for bagging produce instead of plastic bags.
  • Mar 13 – Optimize energy efficiency and cook pot on best sized/fitted burner.
  • Mar 14 – Put a smile on your face.
  • Mar 15 – Use NO (or “Zero”) VOC paints for next paint project.
  • Mar 16 – Skip fragrance in your soaps.
  • Mar 17 – Decide on one tradition you want to carry on to the next generation.
  • Mar 18 – Use Cloth Napkins.
  • Mar 20 – Avoid food with GMO corn.
  • Mar 21 – If someone asks for money in a non-harmful manner, please consider giving some.
  • Mar 22 – Request to stop junkmail you do not want.
  • Mar 23 – Check for leaks in your toilet.
  • Mar 26 – Reduce EMF (electric and magnetic fields) risks in your bedroom.
  • Mar 27 – Hug a tree.
  • Mar 28 – Prepare for an eco-friendly and healthier Easter.
  • Mar 29 – Use Unbleached parchment paper rather than Teflon or aluminum foil for baking.
  • Mar 30 – Skip store bought gift-wrap and reuse something you already have  to wrap a present.
  • Mar 31 – Bring a flower to a special someone.

Thank you for contributing to another great month of changes, be proud of yourself!  Some days were easier to do than others… GMO food is EVERYWHERE, so that was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  The documentary “Bully” is powerful and an important issue. The 3 minute shower, though admittedly not as fun as a 10 min one ;), is actually a great time saver in the morning, I continue to avoid the BPA drink cans (I had no idea!).  The kids founds bandaids, coins, cereal and toys in the bunny eggs, which was a nice change from an insurmountable pile of chocolate (that I wanted to kick myself for buying in the past as they doused themselves into a frenzy followed by a sugar coma) and I actually made some easter treats this year, yum :).  The electronics have been rearranged in our bedroom, no leaks in the toilet, I love parchment paper, trees are awesome, so is Benjamin Moore Natura NO VOC paint, junk mail is going bye-bye (fyi, to opt out of the Yellow Pages, use https://www.yellowpagesoptout.com), and we found a new fav local restaurant we like to support.

Feels good to do some good. Nice work for any changes you made!


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