Mar 28th – Prepare for a more eco-friendly and healthier Easter, today.

While not everyone celebrates Easter, for those that would like to join in the fun, here are a few ideas to make it a little less wasteful, a little more kind to the earth and a little less junk in our bodies:

1. For dying whole eggs (organic, of course :)), you can use these whole food ideas (note, for intensity of color, boiling fruits and veggies is suggested, add vinegar for dying):

  • For pink and red-colored eggs, use cranberry juice, beets, or raspberries.
  • For yellow eggs, use saffron or turmeric.
  • For purple eggs, use red wine
  • For blue eggs, use red cabbage leaves or frozen blueberries.
  • For brown eggs, use grape juice, rosehip tea, or coffee
  • For orange eggs, use yellow onion skins or orange juice
  • For green, use spinach

2. If you use plastic eggs, save and reuse each year, along with any other decorative Easter items.

3. Ideas for a little less sugar treats in the eggs:  Stickers, temporary tattoos, Cheerios, raisins, dried cranberries or other dried fruit, snap peas (baked or fresh), baby carrots (Bunny food!), nuts (if no allergies), Hot Wheels cars, cool gems, jewelry, glitter, seashells, small toys or hair bows/clips, popcorn, Chedder bunnies, spare change and coins, Play-doh, character band-aids, bouncy balls

4. Purchase Fair-Trade chocolates and locally made chocolates and candy products.

5. Better yet, make your own Easter candy, ditch the packaged candy for home baked goodies and save on the plastic and foil packaging waste. (some links for Easter candy ideas:

6. For the Easter grass (rather than the plastic grass) – consider using real grass clippings, edible Easter grass (which you can buy), or shredded paper (can be bought at the dollar store or use your own shredded paper)

7. For the Easter basket – reuse a basket you may already have.

8. For the Easter meal, consider organic items and adding more fruits and veggies to the menu.


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