Mar 27th – Hug a tree today.

You can stop snickering ;).  If you are too self conscious, feel free to just touch a tree.  The funny thing is that a child would not even blink an eye to do such a thing, yet we as adults can create so many inhibitions that we may actually feel strange touching a most amazing and majestic part of nature, a simple tree.

This is not just for “tree-huggers”, being in nature is scientifically known to boost mental health.  Hugging (or touching) a tree grounds us with it’s roots to the entire earth, as well as the rest of the world… which sounds a little crazy, but is a powerful thought.  Not to mention, the benefits they provide should not be disregarded with providing clean air, shade to protect ourselves, a home for little critters and a piece of beauty for us to improve our mental state.   On an added note, there have been studies linking human health and trees, including a recent one released in January 2013 by the USDA Forest Service.  For more information, see:

So remind yourself that trees are important and enjoy being with one today.

In a random article I found and read from the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue team, believe it or not, the first thing they tell a child who may be lost in the wilderness is to hug a tree!  It goes on to say that one of the greatest fears many of us have is being alone.  Hugging a tree, and even talking to it, can help calm you down and prevent panic.

… and honestly, all we really are is older children.


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