Mar 26th – Reduce EMF (electric and magnetic field) risks in your bedroom, today.

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, she brought up the topic of EMFs and it’s affect on our bodies… a topic which is not necessarily much in the spotlight, yet we are literally swimming in it, what one article called an “electrosmog”, with our constant attachment to electricity, an electrical devices including our cell phones.

EMF deserves more explanation than in this brief change for the day, but there are six primary types of EMF – having different origins and different levels of risks/impact.  As well, there have been hundred’s of studies done in an effort to research the true impact of EMFs, particularly in certain areas such as being a carcinogen (causing cancer) and links to leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and how they effect our body’s cellular activity.  I will list a few good links below for more info, but for now, let’s just focus on improving our bedroom, where it is important that our bodies rest and detoxify at night. makes a number of suggestions to make your life safer, below are a few that are specifically for the bedroom:

[Note, while I realize some of these may be more extreme, reducing any risk is good, I personally am going to move my electric clock, as well as make sure I am charging my cell phone in another room than the bedroom… and know that even inches/a few feet can make a difference to move things)]

  • If there are infants and/or young children in the home have the home surveyed for unsafe levels of electromagnetic radiation particularly in the childrens bedroom’s and play areas.
  • Arrange bedroom furniture such that no member of the family sleeps with the head of the bed on a wall that is opposite to an electric panel, electric meter, refrigerator, freezer, television, computer, air conditioning unit or any other device that produces electromagnetic radiation during sleeping hours.
  • Ensure that all beds in use at night have zero electric field exposure and magnetic field exposure no higher than 0.2 to 0.3 milligauss. (an EMF meter can give you this reading)
  • Never sleep in a bed with an electric heating pad, electric blanket, or waterbed heater plugged in to a wall outlet.
  • If cordless devices must be used, recharge them at night and locate the charging units away from bedrooms.
  • Because of high levels of electromagnetic radiation and long periods of exposure, do everything possible to the home computer and workstation to reduce risks from electromagnetic radiation. (So keep them out of your bedroom)
  • Should a fluorescent light fixture be located beneath a child’s bedroom or playroom ensure that the fixture remains in the off mode while a child is sleeping or playing in the room.
  • Remove cordless telephones from bedrooms and replace them with corded units and use battery operated clocks and radios.
  • Avoid using wireless connections for computer equipment. (again, keep out of bedroom)
  • Avoid the use of beds with metal parts if electrical sensitivity is an issue.
  • Have all lamp wiring converted to a grounded type to reduce electric fields.
  • Avoid wearing ferrous metals on the body including costume jewelry, key rings, pens, belt buckles, metal eyeglass frames and bras with under wires. (So don’t sleep with your belt on ;))
  • Remove all electrical wires from under beds.

Below are a few links for more information,

  1. (for a good reference a on studies regarding EMF)

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