Mar 15th – For your next home paint project, use NO VOC paints.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound and has been associated with health concerns such as asthma, eye irritation, respiratory problems, nausea and dizziness, when exposed.  Prolonged exposure has been link to kidney and liver disease and even cancer.  The VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids such as paint.

As a muralist, I nearly always use my favorite NO VOC paints, Benjamin Moore Natura.  You can feel much better about using this type of paint, even in kid’s rooms, plus you won’t get that nasty smell with paints containing VOC.

No VOC brands:

  • Benjamin Moore Natura
  • Yolo Colorhouse
  • Milk Paint (the ‘greenest’ paint out there)
  • Behr Premium Plus Enamel Low Luster
  • Sherwin Williams Harmony
  • Glidden Lifemaster
  • There may be others out there as technology is rapidly improving, so check with your local paint supplier for their brand with No VOC.

Be prepared to pay for your added value, these paints are more expensive, but in my opinion, worth the extra cost.


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