Mar 11th – Keep store receipts out of the recycle bin, among a few others.

Having learned in my recent BPA change on March 9th that store receipts contain BPA, it is important to know that they should not be placed in the recyclable bin.  Instead, take receipts in a pile and place in a bag to be put in the trash.  This way, they are not simply thrown in the trash to possibly be swept away in the wind out of the trash, and end up in our oceans.

Some others notables:

Whole pieces of paper are better than small… for example, shredded paper decreases in recyclable value because it shortens the length of the paper fiber.

Avoid bright colored paper (apparently it’s like having a red sock in a white wash load) – so when you go to buy paper, try to go for white or pastel.

Nothing soiled with grease or oil.

If possible, recycle your plastic bags in special plastic bag recycling, as they can cause problems in the recyclable sorting machines (though still do not throw them away in the trash!

No broken glass.

There are a few other questionable items, particularly the different types of plastics, but as I learned in a sustainability class, when in doubt, put it in the recycle bin and let them decide.

Each city has their own set of items that can and cannot be allowed, you may want to check yours.


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