Mar 10th – Visit a local park today.

There are so many good reasons to go to a local park, one of the best ones is that it is good for the community.  Parks are a great place to meet other people in your community… and the more people we get to know, the better we are able to build our communities and relationships, and break down barriers among our neighbors.

Some other wonderful reasons:

  • To see, experience, and appreciate nature – and rejuvenate yourself
  • It’s healthy to be outdoors, enjoy some activity while you are there
  • It is a fantastic place for a picnic lunch
  • What better place to take your shoes off and relax?
  • If you have kids or a pet they will love you for the chance to run around in open space
  • It is good for the environment because you are staying local rather than driving somewhere far, so you are saving on gas
  • You never know what is awaiting – a beautiful flower, a new friend to meet, a fun animal sighting, or even a festive local event
  • It’s FREE!

Enjoy your day 🙂


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