Feb 28th – Recap the month, applaud all the changes you made happen, and repeat one of your choice today.

Congratulations on contributing to the 56 new changes thus far!  Pat yourself on the back for any changes you made – even if for just that one day.  Below is the recap of the month.  Some of these deserve well more than just one day of a change, so pick your favorite and be sure to do it again today.

  • 1st – Practice Golden Rule
  • 2nd – Pick-up trash when you see it and dispose properly
  • 3rd – No plastic bottles, esp at your Superbowl party
  • 4th – Practice not judging others
  • 5th – Buy eco-friendly and healthy hand soap
  • 6th – Turn of all technology at meals
  • 7th – Hand write a note to someone special
  • 8th – Avoid certain foods in the garbage disposal
  • 9th – Install low-flow aerators in faucets
  • 10th – Have a Sunday family meal
  • 11th – Go paperless with all statements
  • 12th – Proper night’s sleep (usu 7-9 hours)
  • 13th – Leave shoes at the door
  • 14th – Share a Valentine’s Day wish with 5 people
  • 15th – Listen to your intuition and trust it
  • 16th – Use microwave to heat up small portions
  • 17th – Figure your monthly disposable spending to see where your dollars are going
  • 18th – Choose non-bleached/chlorine free products
  • 19th – Appreciate the weather
  • 20th – Sign-up on National organ-donor registry
  • 21st – Shut off car engine if idling for more than 10 seconds
  • 22nd – Consume proper amount of water (about 100 oz men, 74 oz women)
  • 23rd – Paint or draw a picture
  • 24th – Say “thank you”
  • 25th – “Dirty Dozen”
  • 26th – “Clean 15”
  • 27th – Make your own foam hand soap

Reviewing this list, it feels sizable, but at least with one per day they are smaller and manageable… hope you agree.  Love when you have shared your ‘changes’ for the day.

Peace hand soap rocks, and I love it even more in foam form!  Sometimes I slip up on the shoes by the door (…my husband REALLY wants me to stick with this change…).  Our monthly income needs some overhaul as to where the dollars are going.  Changing the faucet aerators was ridiculously easy to install… now to see the new water bill.  I have been regularly thinking of the Golden Rule, remembering not to judge others, and listening better to my intuition in many simple daily interactions, even in the smallest moments.  Trying to drink more water, and was pleasantly surprised to learn of the produce listed on the “Clean 15”. I can no longer walk away from a stray piece of trash on the street without picking it up and throwing it away – the guilt gets me every time.  LOVE the sleep clock calculator I mentioned on Feb 12th, in fact, I need to get to bed immediately.

Thanks again for being a part of the changes!


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