Feb 23rd – Paint or draw a picture and reconnect with your creative side.

Art can truly be therapeutic and the picture you make today only needs to be for yourself.  It doesn’t matter the subject, the medium or materials you use, a simple pen or pencil and paper will do, but take a moment to let loose and doodle up something that will make you smile.  It is not about the product, but rather the process, and using that part of your brain.  It may be hard to get started, and you may be critical of yourself and your skills, but let yourself move on and ignore any negative feelings.  No one needs to see your priceless piece and you can start by drawing a flower, or whatever comes to mind… let yourself be a kid.

I am very fortunate to teach painting classes, where those attending are coming more for a fun time rather than for a hard core art lesson.  It is such a joy to see what comes out in people who take the time to foster this creative side of themselves, whether they believe they have talent or not.

Using the arts as a creative outlet can have amazing benefits such as helping you to de-stress and clear your mind, deal with emotions, promote creative thinking and produce other similar qualities found in mediation.

Imagine if more people let loose and took out their emotions on a piece of paper or canvas rather than on others?  …the things we could draw at rush hour in the heat of traffic!


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