Feb 19th – Appreciate the weather today for at least 5 minutes (take a walk in the rain, throw a snowball, feel sun on your face, breath in the chill of the air).

This is usually the time of the year when many of us tire of the current weather.  It is often rainy, cold, and just that time of the year when spring and summer cannot get here fast enough.  So change up your mood and take a moment to enjoy the weather today, even if it seems ugly.  Instead of just thinking about the weather as a gauge of what to wear, go out and breath it in for 5 minutes and think about how perfect it is (even if it does not appear to be at first sight)… see it, smell it, touch it, taste it, hear it.

Love each day you have been given, no matter what the weather forecast and be grateful to be free and able to get outside and experience this part of nature.

We are expecting rain, so I plan to put our boots on, jump in some puddles, and feel the pitter patter of rain on my face.


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