Feb 17th – Figure out your monthly disposable spending, and see where your dollars are going.

We often spend our money without actually thinking where our dollars are really going and what makes up the products and services we buy… who is involved, what materials are being use, how they are affecting our environment, society and culture… meaning, what are the real costs of things and how is our money being used.  Our dollars speak for us in where our priorities lie.
  • Food – Organic and/or locally grown
  • Food – Non-organic/GMO (genetically modified organism)
  • Entertainment/ Eating out – local, chains, where are the food and services derived, does the organization support or oppose any of your interests/beliefs
  • Clothing – where was it made, what materials went into it
  • Gas – from where does that gas come, could you find a way to cut down?
  • Non-essentials – where they were made, how they were made, what materials and resources were required, and who made them
  • Hygene products – Natural, organic, chemicals
  • Utilities -Television, Internet, electricity, water, gas, phone – Are you spending the amount you want to spend?  Could you be more efficient?
  • Insurance
  • Charity

Determine the priorities to which you want to live by and spend accordingly.  Every one of your dollars is a vote.


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