Feb 15th – Listen to your intuition and trust it.

Interestingly enough, my intuition is leading me to write this as today’s ‘change’… so, someone out there who is reading this must need it to make sure they are paying attention to their own intuition ;).

We are given clues and messages every day, that ‘gut feeling’, without know why or for what reason, but listen and interpret this as best as you are able, and trust what it is saying… you are getting that message for a reason.  It could be for a reason much larger than yourself and contains the answer that is necessary to contribute to the greater good.

And know, this could be for a simple decision as to which way to turn on the road, or knowing what direction you should be taking in life, perhaps, with a career or relationship, no matter what, it is amazing what you can find when you listen to your intuition.


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