Feb 11th – Go paperless on any accounts that offer electronic statements verses mail.

Consider the following accounts you may have, and request the statements be sent electronically rather than in the mail:

  • Bank
  • Investments/401Ks, etc
  • Credit cards/Mortgages
  • Health/Medical related services
  • Insurance
  • Utilities (television, cable, water, gas, electric)
  • Memberships/Associations

Basically, if you are getting a bill in the mail, call the issuer up and ask if they can send you the statements on-line.  Also, if you have an online bill pay for your bank account, check out your list of vendors and there may be e-bills already set up that you can use.

…And congratulate yourself on saving trees, printer ink, and the energy necessary to produce the letter and transport it to your door!


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