Feb 6th – Turn off all technology at each meal today.

Stop and give yourself a breather during your day, even if it’s just during a quick bite.  Our culture is obsessed with technology and admittedly, I too, am glued to my cell phone, but unless you have a life-threatening emergency involved, the cell phone can go off, the TV can go black, and the computer can be put into sleep mode while you live without it for 30-60 minutes during your day.  It can be a little unnerving at first with the silence, but that space in your day may bring the clarity you need to finish the rest of your day more productively.  Sitting down to enjoy your food, and the company at your meal if you have some, or simply just having the ‘down-time’, is important and restorative.

GREAT article from TIME this past March, reviewing a number of TED speakers who spoke of technological discernment.  You can read it at:  http://ideas.time.com/2012/03/06/the-surprising-big-idea-at-ted-turn-off-technology/

I just have to copy the last paragraph of the article for you, written by Courtney E. Martin:

“These big thinkers, and many more over the course of last week, reminded us that, though they spoke at a conference renowned for its technological prowess, our tools are only virtuous when coupled with the Platonic ideal of the examined life. Our identities, relationships, and good work, may be fed, nurtured, and amplified by the gadgets at our fingertips, but they most vividly come to life in the precious, white spaces that punctuate our otherwise overscheduled, overconnected lives.”  …well said.


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