Feb 5th – Buy a hand soap that is eco-friendly AND healthy and safe for you today.

If nothing else, this blog can help to get your hygiene safer and more environmentally friendly with all the soap changes (since we’ve already got the dishes and hair done… laundry will be coming up…)!

The winner for us is Kiss My Face Peace Soap, Lavendar Mandarin.  We are low on hand soap in our house and I watch my kids scrub down with it several times a day, that I wonder why I have not changed this already.  We had been using Method from Target, as I had ‘heard’ it was good… but in looking at the ewg.org scoring, it didn’t rate so well, so we are making a change.   It can be found at Amazon.com and Soap.com.

You may note, that a product can be eco friendly, but not necessarily rate well for our health and safety with it’s ingredients, and of course, vis versa.  Considering both can produce a real winner.


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