Jan 31st – Recap this month and applaud yourself for the changes you did each day.

Creating this blog was in the hope that someday, all of these posts will be outdated because these changes will be ingrained in our daily lives.  Pat yourself on the back if you have made any of these changes, even if for that one day… and who knows, some may strike a cord and cause you to do it more regularly. With 315,245,704 people in the US and 7,063,124,340 on this earth*… and growing fast… learning to live together is key.  These ideas are meant to make it better for us collectively, so to recap, these were the daily changes this month:

  • Jan 2 – Buy Shampoo/Cond that is enviro-friendly
  • 3 – Go meatless
  • 4 – Pay a genuine compliment to 3 different people
  • 5 – Read 15 mins on someone who inspires you
  • 6 – Visit a Farmer’s Market
  • 7 – Turn off faucet while brushing teeth
  • 8 – Reuse something instead of throwing it away
  • 9 – Listen
  • 10 – Eat 7-9 Fruits
  • 11 – Share a meal with a friend
  • 12 – Do an activity in nature
  • 13 – Use no paper towels today
  • 14 – Turn off any unnecessary lights
  • 15 – Create a zero-waste lunch
  • 16 – Let 3 people go in front of you today
  • 17 – Get a compost (happy to report our worms are eating as I write!)
  • 18 – Support a small business merchant
  • 19 – Calculate your eco-footprint
  • 20 – Unplug electrical appliances while not in use
  • 21 – Meditate
  • 22 – Do dishes in an eco-friendly detergent
  • 23 – Donate to education
  • 24 – Schedule a free energy efficient evaluation for your home
  • 25 – Request the utensils, napkins and condiments are left out of your take-out package
  • 26 – Treat yourself to a shade-grown cup of coffee
  • 27 – De-clutter and let go of 20 things
  • 28 – Change your light bulbs to energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs
  • 29 – Stop saving things you already have, use and enjoy them
  • 30 – Wash only full loads of laundry

I am keeping a journal of these daily experiences and hope you will share some of yours.  I still can’t believe we are actually doing a worm (yuck!) compost… though I am starting to love those slimy things… and just know that if I can do this one, ANYONE can.  We have still not bought anymore paper towels and I now regularly dry my hands on my pants, along with my kids.  Our garage is getting cleaned out and many things have been donated or sold for those who will have better use for them.  I found shade-grown coffee is tasty.  We have saved money from unplugging many appliances, doing less laundry loads, better light bulbs, and using less electricity and water.  ‘Planet’ dishwashing soap rocks, so does Kiss My Face shampoo and conditioner.  We are eating more fruits and veggies and less meat – and I LOVE my Farmer’s Market. … lastly, I like being a nicer person and I definitely need to do more mediating!

Hope you all had a great month and I am looking forward to more changes starting again tomorrow.

*As of Jan 31, 2013 according to the United States Census Bureau.


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