Jan 29th – Rather than save things for a special day, rainy day, a whatever day – wear it, give it, share it, do it – today.

If you have it, use, appreciate and enjoy it*.  No need to waste any further time and the resources it took for you to have it.

A friend of mine shared a wonderful bit of insight with me years ago that I have never forgotten and I remind myself of regularly:  Never save an outfit for a special day, wear it today.  It doesn’t have to be a formal gown, it could be a cute shirt that you were saving for a meeting two weeks from now.  Wear it today.  This does not just speak to our clothes, it is any items you have in your life that you are saving for just the “right” day or moment.

I cannot count the number of outfits I bought for a possible ‘special occasion’ and ended up donating 5 years later with tags still attached.  Unfortunately, it  was such a waste… of money, of a cute outfit and a moment that I could have enjoyed, and of resources to make the product, only to never be used.

It speaks largely to living in the present and valuing the things that we have been fortunate to receive.  Things can change of a dime, so if you have something yummy in your frig that needs to be devoured, a gift card that has not been used, a cute outfit that you have been saving, a card you were holding onto for just the right day to send – eat it, use it, wear it, send it… TODAY.

…You may think twice before you buy or obtain something new that you plan to save for just the ‘right’ day… maybe you don’t really need it after all :).

*Unless, of course, it is not being kind to the environment!


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