Jan 23nd – Donate $5 to education today.

If you do not have $5, consider $1, if you have more, consider more.  Whether you have kids or not, someday, the same children who are receiving their education now, will be running the country for us while we are growing our grey hairs.  They are our future and while grooming the next generation takes much more than $5, if everyone gave an extra five dollars, what a difference it could make.

If you have your own special place to give your $5, great!  There are tons of great causes, including your own child’s classroom, if you prefer.  If you do not have a set place, there is DonorsChoose.org, which is a cool website where teachers put out a need and you, as a donor, can read the various projects/needs and choose where you would like to help.  The first time I looked at this website and I was amazed at two things… 1) Some really great projects that were going on and 2) How some schools clearly lack necessary funding given the very basic items that were being requested.  I have another personal favorite, School on Wheels, an organization that provides tutoring for homeless children, but choose what’s right for you.

Support our kids and let them know we value them.


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