Jan 15th – Create a zero-waste lunch today.

What is a zero-waste lunch? Just as it implies, nothing is wasted and thrown in the trash – all items are either eaten, composted, reused or as a last resort, recycled.

If you want to spend the cash for a sit-down lunch (with no throw away packaging), no problem, but that can get expensive and time-consuming especially if you are pressed for a quick lunch.  Packing lunch for the day can be your healthiest and most cost effective option.  Start with a reusable bag or box in which to pack it; utensils that can preferably be washed and used again (vs. recycling plastic forks and spooks), a reusable water bottle and containers to hold your food (Bento boxes and things like LaptopLunches are fun, but any reusable containers will do), a cloth napkin, and just the right amount of yummy food and drink to fill it up.

According to Nubius Organics, over 50% of items thrown away each day come from food waste and food packaging.  Your zero-waste lunch makes a difference.

Find more GREAT information on waste reduction at: http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/ReduceWaste/


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