Jan 7th – Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth to conserve water.

It’s Monday, so I am starting off with an easy one.  Easy and seemingly small, but if everyone did it, it can add up to big change.  Plus, honestly, sometimes I forget to do this, so it’s a good reminder.  Though, you may ask, why conserve water?

While the amount of water supply remains constant that is suitable for human consumption (about 1% of the earth’s water), there are significant reasons to conserve that water now, to benefit current and future generations, especially as the world population grows (outlined by http://www.ecotechwater.com below)…

  1. Saves money (in your water bill and the cost to have it go through treatment plants)
  2. Protects drinking water resources
  3. Minimizes water pollution and health risks
  4. Reduces the need for costly water supply and new wastewater treatment facilities (particularly as our population grows)
  5. Maintains the health of aquatic environments
  6. Saves energy used to pump, heat and treat water

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