Jan 6th – Visit a Farmer’s Market and buy local grown food.

You can locate the nearest Farmer’s Market to you anywhere in the US at http://www.localharvest.org/farmers-markets/.  If there are none open near you today, consider going another day this week.

No Farmer’s Mkt near you? Most grocery stores offer a number of locally grown foods (Whole Foods does if you do not have others).

A few great reasons to shop at your Farmer’s Mkts…  Local grown (freshly picked so it stays good longer), saves energy in transportation, supports local farmers, many small farmers use little or no pesticides, requires little or no packaging (esp if you take your own bags), stimulates the local economy, and it’s usually fun for the kids!

My favorite local Farmer’s Market is in Mar Vista in West LA, GREAT selection of produce, quite reasonable, and I can buy my eggs, cheese, bread, snacks and meat there… and there is always something for the kids.


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